URL: d9news.imagishub.it
D9 News
The website for the project Eroi? plays the very important role of hosting the huge narrative world of the transmedial system.

It has been designed as a "tied-in" website, and is therefore internal to the narrative world, which is set in the future: it assume the shape of an information portal relative to District 9, the Zone 9 from 2115.
Its structure is similar to the one of the major news website, so that the articles can be changed or add to reveal additional part of the world related to future project that intend to use the same universe.
An illusion of real time
The website is built using looping .gif animations to create a visual experience similar (when possible) to the flow of real time, a technique used in animation since the first drawn cartoons.
In this way, time is frozen in an "eternal moment", as if the user was staring at the very scene the article is about.

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