Poster for the exhibition at Milano Film Festival 2015, Nastro Azzurro Talent Awards.
The transmedial system
Eroi? is a transmedia storytelling project focused on the spaces of Zone 9, Milan. 
The aim of the project was improving the processes which lead citizens and neighborhood's associations to cooperate for a reappropriation of the territory and an active way to live it.

The project used a three-channel-system (a website, a Facebook page and an event) to create a narrative world that pushed to a reinterpretation of the physical and human environment in the neighborhood before the final event.
The system has been provided with three points of entry:

> A ten-days teasing campaign on PlugTv, a Facebook channel by the design research group Imagis Lab

> The exhibition of the project at Nastro Azzurro Talent Awards, a contest by Milano Film Festival about innovative    projects

> An action in Zone 9, at the neighborhood's street festival Via Dolce Via
The project has become a thesis divided in three volumes.
Video / Non tutto è perduto
Short animated promo about the project.
Videos / Rapporto numero 1
Videosketch about Zone 9, Milan.
Videos / Progetto Intertemporal
A short film that shows the last part of narrative line of "Eroi?".

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